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Level 4 Diploma in Advanced Skin Studies, Chemical Peeling & Micro-Needling

Level 4 Diploma in Advanced Skin Studies, Chemical Peeling & Micro-Needling

Stand: G40

This Diploma qualfication provides superior knowledge and understanding of the skin, of elementary cosmetic dermatology and the comprehensive diagnosis of skin health coupled with a curriculum in chemcial skin peeling and micro-needling compliant with the National Occupational Standards and the HEE framework.

With the inclusion of our advanced skin science and diagnostic units, this course will enable you to maximise the efficacy and safety of your aesthetic practices through greater insight into combined procedural options for long term treatment planning and skin health management.

Course format
This course is made up of five units of study:

Unit 1 – Core Knowledge for Aesthetic Practice
​Module 1 – Working in the Aesthetics Industry
Module 2 – Legislation & Clinical Governance
Module 3- Microbiology for the Aesthetic Practitioner
Module 4 – Infection Control in the Medical Aesthetic Clinic
Module 5 – Establishing & Managing A Medispa Practice
Module 6 – Assessment of the Aesthetic Client
Module 7- Intermediate Skin Science
Module 8 – Elementary Anatomy & Physiology for the Facial Aesthetic Practitioner

Unit 2 – Advanced Skin Science
​Module 1 – The Histology & Physiology of the Epidermis
Module 2 – The Natural Barrier Function & Homeostasis of the Skin
Module 3 – The Extra Cellular Matrix of the Dermis
Module 4 – The Appendages, Specialist Histology & Secretions of the Skin.
Module 5 – The Defence Mechanisms of the Skin & other Functions
Module 6 – The Physiology of the Skin Ageing Process

Unit 3 – Investigative Consultation and Advanced Skin Assessment
Module 1 – Initial Client Review
Module 2 – Lifestyle & Environmental Analysis
Module 3 – Medical Influences On Skin Health And Condition
Module 4 – The Primary & Secondary Skin Types
Module 5- Advanced Observational Analysis
Module 6- Skin Diagnostic Tools &Equipment
Module 7 – Defining Treatment Plans, Consolidation & Case Studies

Unit 4 – Chemical Skin Peeling
​Module 1 – The Indications & General Practice of Chemical Skin Peeling
Module 2 – Peeling Agents & Formulation
Module 3 – Procedural Considerations & Practical Techniques
Module 4 – Peel Systems, Product Knowledge & Protocols

Unit 5 – Micro-Needling
Module 1 – The Indications & General Practice of Micro-Needling
Module 2 – Micro-Needling Equipment & Associated Products
Module 3 – Procedural Considerations &Practical Techniques
Module 4 – Product Knowledge & Protocols

Unit 7 – The Principles & Practices of the Medispa Sector
This unit of study can be added onto your qualification. It is made up of a series of one-day short courses, seminars and workshops to provide you with the opportunity to learn from some of the most prominent practitioners in the aesthetic industry. It is designed to enable you to gain additional knowledge and insight into a wide range of subject areas not included in your level 4 course but which are of interest to your future career or business progression.

Course Delivery – Audio/visual e-learning, 6 days practical tuition and formative assessment

Course Resources – Course folder and e-learning portal

Course Assessment – Online multiple choice questions, written assessment booklets, assignment, case studies, mock examinations and final CIBTAC theory and practical examinations.

Duration – 6 – 9 months based on part-time study (10 – 12 hours per week)

Tutor Support – Email, telephone and practical tuition
Certification – The OFQUAL accredited CIBTAC | SALLY DURANT Level 4 Diploma in Advanced Skin Studies, Chemical skin Peeling and Micro-Needling – graded at pass, merit or distinction
Course entry requirement:
Medical Qualification
Level 3 Beauty Therapy
Level 2 Beauty Therapy / Facial Skin Care + the CIBTAC | SALLY DURANT Level 4 Certificate in Advanced Skin Studies and The Principles of Aesthetic Practice ​​
Completion of our full Access to Aesthetics Pathway

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