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Compact Base Gel

Compact Base Gel

Stand: C62

Manicure & Pedicure, Nail Polishes, Salons

Our new 2 in 1 compact base gel is a soak-off, flexible and super dense nail strengthener gel in a convenient polish bottle with a brush cap. Despite its high density, it’s easy to work with since it’s self-leveling and creates a smooth surface. Features very strong adhesion thus perfect for a base layer. Enhances the durability of the nails as nail strengthener but could also be used for creating the C-curve, fixing chipped nails or for sculpting nail extensions using a nail form.

In three colors:

Clear 4ml – 8ml – 13ml –

Cover Pink 4ml – 8ml –

Translucent Nude 4ml – 8ml –

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