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Stand: G5

Cosmetics, Skincare

Exhibitor: Nairian Skincare
Exhibitor Stand: G5

Nairian is a natural skincare brand from Armenia. We create cosmetics for all skin types using our own unique formulas that transform organic ingredients into skincare products of the highest quality.
We are in full control of our production. From the field of our eco-farm to our dedicated laboratory, we oversee every stage so our customers get an exceptional products every time.
We are proud to harness nature’s biodiversity and centuries-old heritage of herbalism. We grow our ingredients at our organic eco-farm situated on the East slope of Mount Ara at an altitude of 1600 meters.
By keeping our farm sustainable and pesticide-free, we are able to ensure the quality of our ingredients, so you will always get the best that nature has to offer in our unique handcrafted formulas. No harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrances or artificial colourings. Ever.