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Doreme Pigments

Doreme Pigments

Stand: A48

Distributor, Semi-Permament Make Up, Supplier

Exhibitor: Beautiful Ink Ltd
Exhibitor Stand: A48

Permanent Makeup & Microblading Pigments. Beautiful Ink Ltd is the Official UK distributor for Doreme Pigments, supplying technicians, training providers and other suppliers

Formulated for semi-permanent makeup
High colour retention, minimising re-touch sessions
Healing and fading true to colour, with cool, warm and neutral colours
Doreme pigments are easily implanted during treatment, with less working time and skin trauma, achieving impressive healed results, remaining true to colour and fading well over time. Annual top ups are recommended to refresh the colour and adjust over the years as your client requires


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Doreme Pigments Special Offer available
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